2017 Shooting Stars Scholarship Program

Yesterday I got the privilege to judge the 3D category (alongside the wonderful Ari Fish) for the Arts Council of Johnson County's annual Shooting Stars Scholarship Program. So much wonderful work was reviewed thanks to a group of extraordinarily talented highschoolers.  It is my firm belief that if you invest in young artists now and the benefits will surely come later!  In addition to the top two artists receiving scholarships, a few lucky students will have their work exhibited at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Gala celebrating the achievements of all the nominees will be Sunday, May 26th.  I will be in New Orleans for SNAG, however I firmly congratulate the winners on their fantastic achievements. 

For more information, check out the Shooting Stars page here.



Vermont was amazing (Trees! Nature! Leaves! Covered bridges!) and I surprised myself with the amount of work accomplished.  Working during the day as an arts administrator and having only the nights and weekends remaining for my studio, the opportunity to have two weeks of uninterrupted work was an absolute privilege.  The Vermont Studio Center is the largest international residency program in the world, and gave me the chance to network with so many other extraordinary artists.  I gave a slide presentation, attended several visiting artist talks, participated in a group show, and even opted for studio visits with Derrick Adams and Katherine Bradford.  All these wonderful things amounted to 2 weeks where I was able to create honestly and experiment freely.

I took this opportunity and newly acquired wilderness to start investigating new work about survivalism and Bushcraft cultish societies.  I've started to consider the ways our bodies interact with the land, and the ways in which we arrange unchanged natural materials to suit our own needs.  Injecting the feminine, the magical, the esoteric, into these traditionally masculine acts.  Putting the BUSH and CRAFT into Bushcraft, as it were.

Survival skills were learned, ceremonial objects were manifested, and materials were cast and arranged.  I have now a good platform to continue onward with.  Below are some shots of my studio, and the beautiful region where I stayed.  More images can be seen on my Instagram account @caterichardsart

Thank you Vermont Studio Center!

RING IT ON: Sulpture, Fashion, Function @ Lillstreet Gallery

One of my bronze Zufall Rings has made its way to Chicago to be featured in the "Ring It On: Sculpture, Fashion, Function" exhibition at Lillstreet.  Excited to be a part of this show, as the Lillstreet Art Center is a Midwestern art powerhouse which offers residencies, studio rentals, classes, and exhibitions.  Below is the complete list of participating artists:

Participating Artists:
Peter Antor
Lex Archibald (Pity Fab)
Cat Bowyer
JenHui Chang
Andrée Chérnier
Hillarey Dees
Katie Kameen
Kristi Kloss
Neil Kraus
Maura Lenahan
Honglin Liu
Ace McCasland
Kelly Novak
Yuka Okane Inoue
Louise Perrone
Courtney Powell
Nash Quinn
Cate Richards
Rebecca Rose
Rose Schlemmer
Amanda Shin
Jan Smith
Amanda Stumpf
Jason Thompson
Dylan Tuckman
Xinhao Yang
Kat Zhang

Juried by Pam Robinson and Nora McCarthy

"Ring It On" runs from November 4th through December 4th, and coincides with SOFA Chicago.  If you are in the area, pop in to say hello!


Something Fleeting

I currently have 3 pieces on view at the University of Kansas Art & Design Gallery for Something Fleeting.  Curated by Kyla Strid, Something Fleeting is a collection of current work created by select Lawrence Arts Center Faculty exploring the transitory through material, concept, and process.  The show will be up through October 13th.  


It was little under a year ago that I applied to a call out from the Society of North American Goldsmiths for an intern.  Almost one year later, I am absolutely grateful I did, and thrilled to be continuing work for the organization in different capacities.  The Asheville conference was beautiful and I garnered some amazing friends and connections.  Through SNAG I found a totally supportive network, filled with opportunities and amazing creative personalities, all united with a common vision.  It is truly is a resource worth more than gold.

SNAG featured my work in last week's newsletter (the "Foundation Necklace") in a little feature about the "30 Under 30" award.  Thanks guys!

Anderson Ranch

It's in the middle of a blistering Summer here in LFK, so a good dose of mountain air was sorely needed. Last spring I was awarded a full fellowship to attend a workshop at Anderson Ranch this month - "Cast Away", with the awesome Norwood Viviano.  Norwood had offered a similar class last summer, and while I desperately wanted to go, had missed the deadline for any sort of funding.  Not this time around.

This technique-heavy course consisted of scanning and creating forms in Rhino 5, printing them, and then creating multi-part sand mold to cast the pieces in aluminum.  I enjoyed the intermingling of ancient and contemporary technologies, and especially took advantage of integrating my own body, via scanning, as a platform to build off of. 

Anderson Ranch is a magical place - a summer camp filled with artists with beautiful studios and food so good no one will believe you when you get home.  I picked a great week to attend, as I got to see Arno Rafael Minikkeen (eeee!), Tom Sachs, and Jerry Saltz speak.  Not to get all gushy, but my the end I had enhanced my skillset exponentially and made some great connections, as well as friends I will never forget.

Below is an assortment of photos.  If you're interested in seeing more (I also visited Denver, Aspen, and Boulder to see friends) follow my instagram @caterichardsart


Article in the LJWorld

Can't complain about a little extra free press, yes?  It's been a whirlwind the past couple months while I juggle applications, ArtistINC, an internship with SNAG, all the regular consignment/custom/repair orders, on top of continuing to experiment with new materials and ideas, and I've barely had a moment to contemplate it all.  A rolling stone gathers no moss, and it can easily break doors down if rolling fast enough. 

This article recently run by The Lawrence Journal World highlighted both my (and 3 of my wonderful coworkers - ladies represent!) achievements of the past couple months.  The Lawrence Arts Center is an extraordinary place which fosters new growth not just in its students, but in its employees as well and  I'm so thankful for how supportive they have been to me the past two years!

Latex Play

Dropped off a commissioned peice to its new owner today - double men's ring, copper and latex.  Latex is my new favorite material to work with - its flexibility allows me to experiment with designs easily.


Bell Jar: A Group Exhibition

Last Thursday was the opening of Ghost Gallery's "Bell Jar: A Group Exhibition", and I have several pieces in the show.  If you live in the Seattle area I urge you to go check it out!  This exhibition is a continuation of Ghost's series of shows featuring only artists identifying as female, which includes all exhibitions from March to October 2015 .  I'm very pleased to be a part of this - I adore Ghost Gallery and will always visit when I'm in Seattle.  Founded in 2006 by the very talented and savvy Laurie Kearney, GG is a retail and gallery space in a tucked away little corner of Capitol Hill.  GG has featured many artists and jewelers I admire (Wolf and Sadie, Open the Cellar Door, Caitlin McCormick, The Small Beast) and I'm honored to be showing there with so many other fantastic female artists from around the world.

Sadly, having just gotten back from a trip to Seattle, I was not able to fly back out again so soon.  Luckily, Ghost Gallery features all work online.  You can see works from past and present exhibitions, as well as browse the shop.

Here are some shots of the three "contained ecosystems" I have on display, and you can see more pictures of these on my instagram, and shots of the show on Ghost Gallery's.

Final Friday February

It's been a while since I've done a FF.  This weekend, a selection of my small textured paintings - dubbed Textura - will be hanging in a gallery space in North Lawrence (right next to Tooter & Tillaye's) along with sculpture and paintings by Kris Kuksi.  Here are some quick snapshots during a quiet moment.

I like to think of these as studies - little tests for some possible bigger work.  The many layers of chemical media and natural material got me thinking about eventual ephemeral breakdown of the paintings.  Bigger and safer may be in order.