What a Friday! Just returned from Chicago, where I attended the opening of All have the same breath at The University of Illinois-Chicago’s Gallery 400. I have a piece - Wane, 2018 - featured in the exhibition, the result of a year-long collaboration project between myself, a few other artists (including the talented and kind Robert Lundberg), and researchers in the Geography Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The project and resulting exhibition was supported in part the Humanities Without Walls Consortium. Scientists and artists from Illinois, Wisconsin, and around the world were invited to participate - you can read more about the project here.

I was alerted to the opportunity to be a part of this exhibit through Terra Incognita, an ecologically-minded humanities initiative here at UW. I automatically jumped at the chance, as I have always wanted to work with scientists - it was one of the reasons I chose Madison for grad school! In addition to being a Research I University, Madison was a seed bed for the modern environmentalist movement and the resources here are rich for learning about land, agriculture, geography, biology, and more.

The research group I was paired with studied the effects of hydroelectric damning, particularly in Cambodia, and all the regulatory issues, politics, and ironies that come with such a practice in the anthropocene. A sincere thanks to Ian Baird and Nathan Green for their research and resources throughout the process, as well as LauraLee Brott for her amazing cartography skills. I have inherited a whole new vocabulary and pile of research documents on current environmental affairs (Carbon credits! CDMs! International Rivers documents!) which has given me keener insight into current global-environmental issues.


I’m exceptionally bummed that I could not make it out to the 2019 ECU Material Topics Symposium - I’ve always wanted to go! I’m knee-deep in my graduate studies at the moment, so there will be no travel until summer rolls around. However, a few of my Joshua Tree pieces and images are in North Carolina on my behalf, courtesy of my inclusion in the Ephemeral Archived exhibit at the Emerge Gallery in Greenville. The opening reception was also last night, and eternal thanks to the awesome Jane Ritchie for snapping some photos for me. So elated to be a part of such a neat exhibit for a linchpin event for American art jewelry.!