SNAG: Nexus, and A Little Vacation Time

I'm still reeling from my trip to New Orleans for SNAG: Nexus! In addition to serving as the Portfolio Review Coordinator and enjoying all the brilliant content and exhibitions, I treated myself to some serious vacation time. We went to the NOMA and enjoyed the lovely Sculpture Garden in City Park, checked out the WWII Museum, the Backstreet Cultural Museum, as well as the Contemporary Art Center (which had a pair of killer solo exhibitions from Cecilia Vicuña and Senga Nengudi). We walked through Canal, Magazine, Frenchman, and Bourbon Streets, enjoying as many galleries and markets that we could. AND WE GOT TO SEE THE MUSEUM OF DEATH, as well as a few graveyards - slightly morbid treats that were right up my alley. Also, I highly suggest any metalhead and/or Russian food afficianato check out Siberia & KUKHNYA, which quickly became our regular dive while there. 

New Orleans is a gorgeous city - I felt that I was in a little slice of Europe right here in my own country, especially with the amount of beautiful churches and city squares. Oh, and the food was magnificent.

Below are a few snapshots of the city, the conference, jewelry, and more. You can see more on my Instagram @caterichardsart

Until next time, NOLA!