Bell Jar: A Group Exhibition

Last Thursday was the opening of Ghost Gallery's "Bell Jar: A Group Exhibition", and I have several pieces in the show.  If you live in the Seattle area I urge you to go check it out!  This exhibition is a continuation of Ghost's series of shows featuring only artists identifying as female, which includes all exhibitions from March to October 2015 .  I'm very pleased to be a part of this - I adore Ghost Gallery and will always visit when I'm in Seattle.  Founded in 2006 by the very talented and savvy Laurie Kearney, GG is a retail and gallery space in a tucked away little corner of Capitol Hill.  GG has featured many artists and jewelers I admire (Wolf and Sadie, Open the Cellar Door, Caitlin McCormick, The Small Beast) and I'm honored to be showing there with so many other fantastic female artists from around the world.

Sadly, having just gotten back from a trip to Seattle, I was not able to fly back out again so soon.  Luckily, Ghost Gallery features all work online.  You can see works from past and present exhibitions, as well as browse the shop.

Here are some shots of the three "contained ecosystems" I have on display, and you can see more pictures of these on my instagram, and shots of the show on Ghost Gallery's.